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Atelia's classic collection

Precious scent selection 



Mysterious and rich taste of tuberose blended with smooth textures of rose and sweet lily.

奢華馥郁晚香玉香氣, 搭配迷人玫瑰和百合的馥郁芳香再融入橡木的沈穩, 以神秘誘人的香氣為空間增加氣氛



As you smell the fresh cut rose on the way, comes with the delicate lily embraced by the toned and warmth of oak

貌似平静的玫瑰園, 以柔弱茉莉花和鈴蘭作撘配,帶出橡樹低調高貴的氣息


Amber Freesia

Fill your heart with the warm and clam amber heaven, wraps with fresh freesia blast with a touch of bergamot

低調濃厚的琥珀配上瀰漫著清新氣息的小蒼蘭與明亮的佛手柑增添層次 猶如置身於秘密花園



Captivting musk with hint of lily and geranium brings clam and soothing atmosphere

神秘迷人的麝香添加清新脫俗的鈴蘭與天竺葵的香調 令心情安定


Linden Blossom

The mix of fresh linden blossom and elegant lilac, reminding you the flower shop around the corner

深沈的甜味 略帶香辛料的菩提花與素雅優香的紫丁香 彷彿進入了青春浪漫的花店



Have some luxurious vibe with the blend of the one and only ylang and sandal wood. Added a touch of mandarine to brighten up the mood. Enter Asgard in a magic light of candle

依蘭有花中之花的名字 加上柑桔的清新感 隆重而莊嚴的檀香木 創造出神秘高雅的感覺



Fall in the dream of orange blossom and the softness of carnation just like the sun shines through the chiffon

橙花的春天氣息 康乃馨的温柔 加上白木的味道 就如 薄紗一般輕奢夢幻


Midnight Darling

Enjoy a sensual warm evening air with the claming Jasmine and bit of herb. The dense of white amber creates a perfect comfort zone for the night


Sunday Morning

Wake up call for the relaxed Sunday Morning, a mix of the sweetness or apricot and refreshing yuza leads to the warm hinoki. No better way to start the weekend.

在週末的早上 杏桃的活潑 柚子的香氣 放鬆心情之除加上檜木的神秘 帶你開始慢活的一天



Soy Wax, Fragrance

Classic Collection Candle 經典系列香氛工藝蠟燭

  • Burn the candle until the whole surface has mealted for the first time using it. Trim wick to 6mm before every use. Do not burn longer than 3 hours at a time. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable material.